Can you talk during a tennis match?

Tennis was regarded as a royal sport in ancient times. It has a certain discipline embedded in it which makes it a great attraction for players. The traditions of the sport are alive even today and players also maintain the decorum of the game. One of the disciplines of the sport is that it needs to be played in a completely silent environment. The spectators also need to be quiet when a point is being played.

During the match, there are certain regulations for players too when it comes to talking. In a singles match, a player is not allowed to talk or say anything when a point is being played. The only person the player can talk to during a tennis match is with the chair umpire. The player approaches the chair and can have a word with the umpire in between two points or between two games. 

In women’s tennis, players can talk to their coaches if they want. This called on-court coaching. However, the coach can be called only once per set. A played needs to tell the chair umpire prior to a game that she would be taking an on-court coaching break after that game. In men’s tennis, there is no on-court coaching. 

In singles, a player cannot say or speak anything out loud during a point. If he or she does so, it would be called hindrance and the player who intervened might be given a code violation. In doubles tennis, if the ball is approaching towards a team, the two players ca talk with each other as to who shall hit the ball but once the ball is moving to the opponent’s end, the team that hit the ball cannot say anything out loud. 

Talking out loud may also refer to a player blabbering or using curse words in frustration. If the umpire feels the player is causing hindrance or that he is too loud to intervene in the discipline of the game, he can call for a code violation. 

One of the most beautiful aspects of tennis is that the sport is played in a quiet environment and applause and cheers take place only at the completion of a point. Hence, talking in tennis unnecessarily by the players or the spectators is not regarded as a good behaviour in the sport. 

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