Can you play Pickleball on a wet court?

Pickleball is a sport played on a court that is 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. This is a sport that has a net in between and whose primary goal is to win points by hitting a wiffle ball with a paddle to the other side of the court in a way that the opponent gets outplayed.

One side of the pickleball court is 22 feet long and 20 feet wide. This means that a player needs to shuffle a lot in order to keep the ball in play. Considering the bounce of the wiffle ball on hard surfaces, a player’s footing needs to have the appropriate friction.

It thus becomes absolutely essential that the surface that Pickleball is played on is ideally dry. Pickleball is usually played on a hard court and in some rarer circumstances, on a grass court. If either of these surfaces become wet, it becomes risky to play a sport like Pickleball. A player’s chances of slipping and developing a knee injury increases.

A wet surface is not only about the player’s movement. It also affects the bounce of the ball. A wiffle ball is a hollow sphere with perforations that contribute to its movement in the air. Off the bounce, the smooth layer of durable plastic can skid through a wet surface, contributing to its uneven bounce. This obviously makes the shot making even more challenging.

Thus, Pickleball cannot be played on a wet surface or on any surface that is too damp to contribute to a player’s injury.

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