Can I bet using Betano in Italy?

If you are a fan of online betting and want to bet using Betano in Italy, we have some bad news for you. The gambling operator is not licensed in the country. And to make sure, we asked Betano’s support and they replied that at this stage, access to their site is prohibited in Italy. Therefore, you will have to look for another betting platform.

Why can’t I play in Betano from Italy?

At the moment, the Betano bookmaker is licensed in Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Portugal, Chile and Brazil. Italy is missing from the list, although it is possible that the brand will target this country in the future. You will have to wait if you are in Italian territory and want to bet with this operator.

Naturally, you can try to access Betano from Italy using a proxy server or VPN, but note that not all payment methods will work for you. For example, they won’t let you deposit with a bank card or bank transfer. Perhaps the alternative is to pay using an electronic wallet.

When will Betano be licensed in Italy?

We asked Betano to find out if we would ever be able to use their site from Italy, and they replied that this matter is not on their agenda at the moment. They added that they strive to expand throughout Europe, so sooner or later, they may also appear on the Italian market. Unfortunately, however, they did not want to commit to a time frame.

However, if you are located in Italy and are looking for a good bookmaker and/or online casino, you can check out the other offers on our site to find a quality betting platform. And, having informed you about the topic, it is time to part ways and wish you luck.

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