Bingo – Guide and Rules of Online Bingo

Online Bingo is no more different than the Bingo you have seen in the halls. The idea here is the same, and that is, to buy a ticket on which the marked by you numbers appear in a winning line. Keep in mind that the Bingo game has several varieties that you can come across on the Internet. In our guide you will learn about all of them, as well as about the rules of the game, with the help of which you can enjoy Bingo games.

Bingo game rules

There are no hidden difficulties in the rules of a famous game. When playing online, the game begins once you buy a ticket and follow the numbers that will be announced by the software. Depending on the type of Bingo, the numbers may vary, and in the classic version they are from 1 to 90, however, there are versions with numbers up to 30, 75 or 80. When a number is displayed, it is necessary that you mark it on the ticket you have bought. In a case where you have numbers in one row, then this is a payline.

In the event of having all the drawn numbers in winning lines, then this is a Bingo and you will win the big jackpot. In some Bingo varieties paylines are not only horizontal, but also vertical or diagonal. Supposing that you buy more than one Bingo ticket, you will have better chances of getting to your desired prize.

If you play Bingo on the Internet, there is a table showing the prizes for 1, 2, 3, etc., winning lines. This has been appropriated from the classic Bingo in the halls, where prizes are also announced in a special table, in some cases they are noted on the back of the ticket. By and large, these are the rules of the game, which as you can see are not difficult to understand.

Betting options in online bingo

There are some betting options in online Bingo that you cannot see in playing halls. Thus, for instance, you can make a forecast on whether the numbers to be drawn will be even or odd. E-casinos also allow for an option to quickly draw numbers, which does not make you wait for them to show up one after another. Another thing that makes it easier for players is that they can make adjustments, so that the numbers are marked automatically on the ticket. This will save you time from marking them by yourself, because you could miss out on something by accident. Some online tickets have more paylines than the hall Bingo ones, therefore, you need to look for helpful information about the game in order to know where on the ticket the winning numbers appear. Generally speaking, these are the most important options of online Bingo games.

What kinds of bingo do exist?

The Bingo rules are the same, but on the web we can find betting websites that offer Bingo with different numbers, as we mentioned above in our guide. Here we offer several Bingo varieties which you will need to get acquainted with before you start playing. These Bingo games are offered both for free as well as for real money.

1- Bingo with 30 balls

The ticket of the games with 30 balls has three rows and three columns on which 9 numbers are shown. The initial column contains numbers from one to ten, the second column contains numbers from eleven to twenty, and on column number three, numbers from twenty one to thirty are written. The smaller number values provide a better chance of winning.  

2- Bingo with 75 balls

The Bingo ticket with 75 balls is divided into five rows and five columns and it has 25 squares in total. In the centre of the ticket there is a small star which is not included in the winning combinations. The numbers here are from 1 to 75, which are being drawn one by one or in automatic mode. You have to either mark the drawn numbers or to adjust for automatic marking. In the case that you have paylines, they will bring you prizes depending on the payout table.

3 – Bingo with 90 balls

With 90-ball Bingo, the ticket contains three rows, nine columns and 27 squares. You have to mark the numbers for the first, second and third line. You need to keep in mind that because of the 90 balls present, the chances of winning are significantly lower than the ones of 75 balls Bingo. Despite everything, nothing prevents you from trying this Bingo variant too, in which the proposed prizes are higher at the expense of the chances of hitting Bingo.

Some advice and strategies for bingo playing

If you bet online, you are given an opportunity that makes a difference. You can choose the ticket you want to buy, according to the numbers written on it. In Bingo strategies, it is noted that a symmetrical arrangement of the numbers could bring you a win. In other words, when the count of lower and higher numbers, as well as of the even and odd ones, is equal, you will be able to achieve a cash prize more easily. However, this is simply a piece of advice for you to keep in mind and we do not claim it works for sure. The best Bingo betting tactic is to rely on your luck and not waste a lot of money for tickets.

Where can we bet online bingo?

There are quite a few betting sites that offer Bingo. We cannot cover all of them but will point out the main online platforms where you can turn the game on and see not only the demo version, but also play with real money. Here is a list of the websites:






…. and others

The bets with real money require a registration in some of the abovementioned websites, in addition to a deposit (loading money into a playing account). Once you have chosen your Bingo game, you have to buy a virtual ticket(s) in order to start playing and winning in real time.

In summary

Bingo is among the most popular gambling games in the whole world. Nowadays, the game can also be found on the Internet without you having to walk around the halls. Above we pointed out the most interesting parts related to Bingo – we summarised the rules, explained the different varieties and we gave, we hope, useful tips goof for you to have in mind. It is now the time for us to wish you luck that will bring you lots of wins during the endless fun.

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