What is the format of tennis at Asian Games?

Tennis has been a medal sport at the Asian Games since 1958, with the exception of 1970. The sport is played in the following disciplines: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. Men’s and women’s team tennis events were also held previously. However, they haven’t been held after the 2014 edition.

Both singles and doubles players are chosen based on their rankings. The seeded players are placed in the draw such that two higher ranked players do not face each other in the initial rounds. Matches are played in a best-of-three sets format. Conventional scoring system is followed that is used in professional matches that are sanctioned by the ATP, WTA and ITF.

The most successful team in tennis at the Asian Games is Japan. The Japanese have won a total of 93 medals as of September 2023, out of which, 27 are gold medals. The next best teams are China and South Korea with 57 and 58 medals each. China has 17, and South Korea has 17 gold medals.

Bronze medals are usually shared by the loser of the two semi-finals. Unlike some other sports, there is no bronze medal match between the two losing sides of the semi-finals.

China’s Pan Bing holds the record for being the only player to win two gold medals in men’s singles. In the women’s singles category, China’s Wang Qiang is the only player to win two gold medals. Tennis at Asian Games is one of the highlight medal events that promises thrilling encounters between players who are ranked high in the global rankings.

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