How to bet on Asian corners

Many online bookmakers now make it possible to bet on corners, which turns players’ football bets into a fun and potentially profitable adventure. Many types of corner bets are possible, but we will focus on one little known option: Asian corners. You have several chances to make a profit. However, we will not waste any more time on the introduction. Let’s get into the details – that’s what you came for.

Types of bets on Asian corners

You know you can bet on corners. Now, we will talk about the most common markets for Asian corners. There aren’t many, but if you make an accurate prediction, you’re very likely to earn a good amount of money. Below, we look at all the options to bet on Asian corners and how to bet:

Asian corners for the first half – you can bet on the number of corners, below or above a certain one. For example, if you choose the above 9.5 option, then the corners at half time must be 10 or more. The only difference from the standard market for the number of corners is that the Asian corner odds are significantly higher;

Total number of Asian corners – you must exercise caution here. If you bet on above 9 corners in the match, and there are exactly nine, then you will lose the bet. This market is similar to the one above, but very often players are confused and think that if they guess the nine kicks from the corner flag, they will win. Alas, this is not the case, because the number must be above 9 corners to win the bet;

Handicap Asian corners – here one team is given the lead, and you can bet on whether the team will achieve it as predicted by the bookmaker. The logic follows the standard Asian handicap used in classic bets to win a match.

Which bookmakers offer bets on Asian corners?

Asian corners are not typical for bookmakers like Efbet, Winbet and Palms Bet, but can be found in Bet365 and Bwin, as well as in all other betting sites not only in Europe, but also worldwide, including 22bet, Megapari, 1xBet, Melbet and many others. Asian corners do not differ much from standard bets on corners, but they come with higher odds because they are more complicated. We hope we have been able to help you with this article on the subject. And we wish you lots of luck in your bets with online bookmakers.

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