What is an approach shot in the sport of pickleball?

Pickleball is played on a small court for a paddle sport. Areas on the Pickleball court like the non-volley zone makes the game intriguing at the net. Moreover, the general fast paced nature of the rallies make an even contest thrilling. An approach shot is a tactical shot that is played while keeping the dimensions of the court and the player’s strengths in perspective.

An approach shot is one where the player moves forwards towards the net after hitting a shot. This shot is commonly played by players who believe volleying to be their strengths. By approaching the net, players force the opponent to either hit a precise passing shot or a lob. However, these shots can be challenging to counter effectively. A lob can be dispatched for a smash, whereas a passing shot can be negated by a dink volley.

An approach shot is often used by a returned after hitting the return of serve. This is because once the two-bounce rule is satisfied, players are allowed to volley. An approach shot in just the fourth shot of a rally can stun the opponent. In doubles, an approach shot is when after a player hits the shot, either one, or both teams move forwards to attack the net.

The approach shot serves as one of the signs of a player’s attacking level. A player who uses this tactic frequently is likely to do so if they are better in keeping the points shorter. Approach shot in pickleball is derived from the approach shot in tennis, wherein the ace player moves towards the net after hitting a shot.

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