888 Gold

Let’s review the 888 Gold slots looking pretty similar to the good old slot machine you were used to in the past when the internet was not everywhere yet. With average volatility and high RTP (97.52%), 888 Gold is here to prove that everything that shines in this slot game is golden.

Game Review

The red Asian-themed background of the game is decorated with beautiful flowers. You can find potential prizes on the left. Every time you press the spin button, you would hear the familiar sound of the reels going.

There is a 3х3 grid with 6 Asian symbols on the golden framed reels. These slots have 5 paylines guaranteeing that you won’t end up empty-handed.

The minimum stake is configured, according to the number of coins you would like to bet. The absolute minimum is 1 and the maximum – 10. Last, but not least, you have to choose the value of each coin. The maximum value is 0.50 EUR and it goes up to 50 EUR per spin.

Each symbol on a payline awards you differently:
⦁ Lucky 8 – pays up to 6000 coins for 3 of a kind on a payline;
⦁ Golden coins – 200 coins for 3 of a kind on a payline;
⦁ 3 BARS – 50 coins for 3 matching symbols on a payline;
⦁ 2 BARS – 25 coins for 3 matching symbols on a payline;
⦁ 1 BARS – 15 coins for 3 matching symbols on a payline;
⦁ Red lantern – 10 coins for 3-of-a-kind symbols on a payline;
⦁ Any 3 BAR symbols– 8 coins for 3 on a payline.

The Lucky 8 symbol really stands out, because it has the ability to also act as a Wild symbol. This means that the red 8 can replace any other symbol.

Slot characteristics and bonuses

The bonus features of this slot game are pretty simple. In order to win by playing 888 Gold, you have to pay attention to both the paylines and the fancy Lucky 8 symbol. It can award you big time.

The fifth payline is the most desired one having a maximum prize of 6000 coins for 3 Lucky 8 symbols. This is not the only payline, though. There are other paths to the treasure you are looking for.

Another juicy reward can be brought by the fourth payline – 4000 coins for 3 red 8s on the screen. The third and second payline award respectively 3000 and 2000 coins for 3 Lucky 8 symbols, while the first one only brings 1000 coins.


888 Gold is a classic slot game. Just like the name suggests, you have to get 3 symbols with 8s (888), so that you win the biggest prize, namely 2001 times your bet.

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