Why can’t I deposit in a casino with a bank card?

Many players want to make a deposit in online casinos with bank cards. In most cases, operators offer this deposit method, and the procedure itself is easy and understandable. However, some systems reject credit or debit card deposits. Why does this happen and how do you deposit in a casino with a bank card?

Reasons for refusing a bank card deposit

This article will introduce you to the most common reasons that lead to the rejection of a deposit via a bank card in online casinos. Read them carefully to understand why your gaming account is not being topped up. If you do not recognize any of the above reasons, it is a good idea to contact the casino support to help you.

  • You do not have enough funds on the card;
  • The card type is not accepted by the casino;
  • You have not entered the card number correctly;
  • You have not entered the card security code;
  • Bank card deposit is not available at the casino;
  • The card has expired;
  • The card was blocked by the bank operator;
  • Your account has been blocked.

The specified reasons can lead the bank card deposit to fail. Once the issue is resolved, you will be able to proceed to deposit at the casino. Remember that in addition to bank cards, you can use electronic wallets and other payment methods.

How to deposit in a casino using a bank card?

To begin with, check if the platform accepts bank cards as a deposit option. See what cards you can use for deposit (VISA, MasterCard and/or Maestro). When choosing a debit or credit card to deposit at the casino, follow these instructions:

  • Enter the card number;
  • Enter the name of the cardholder;
  • Enter the three-digit security code (on the back of the card);
  • Specify the validity period of the bank card;
  • Specify the amount of the deposit, following the mandatory minimum;
  • Confirm the deposit;

If you have done everything as we have described, then you will not have a problem. If you’re having difficulties with depositing, you can seek help from support. Explain the problem and if it is due to a technical error, it will be removed.

In summary

In our article, we described the possible reasons for a failed bank card deposit in an online casino. We have also explained the deposit methods through instructions for you to follow. Basically, that’s all we wanted to share with you. We hope we have been helpful and that your deposit by card goes through.

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