Which pitch is good for spinners?

In cricket, spinners are type of bowlers who has the ability to turn the ball either towards or away from the batter following the pitch of the ball. The amount of spin inculcated on the ball depends on the manner in which the fingers and wrist of the spinner rotate around the ball. Another key factor determining the amount of spin is the very pitch on which the ball bounces.

Cricket pitches are made of grass, soil, dust with climate having am external effect on its hardness. A pitch with more dust is more soft. Such a pitch usually favours the spinners. However, a dusty pitch might be favourable for the batter as well, as the dust slows down the ball’s trajectory following the bounce, thereby allowing the batter more time to decide the shot. Moreover, these pitches also tend to keep the ball low, which also allows the batter to score more runs. 

Unlike other pitches, a dusty pitch is never rolled. As per the rules, between two innings the groundsmen get 7 minutes to roll or even out a pitch. Dusty pitches have a tendency to crack under rollers and hence are not rolled. These pitches are most often found in the subcontinent, which is one of the reasons why the world’s leading spinners hail from that part of the world.

Overall, a dusty pitch promises a good contest between the bat and ball. However, the bias would be towards the spinners who would enjoy turning the ball either way.

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