What is the T20 World Cup format?

The 2022 T20 World Cup is an event organized by the International Cricket Council. Since 2007, the T20 format has seen a format played every 2 years. The current event is the 8th edition of the tournament.

Before the main event begins, teams are selected based on their performances in the previous world cup, their current ranking in the T20 format and their performance in the qualifying events. The top eight teams that made the Super 12 stage in previous edition’s world cup automatically qualified for this year’s world cup. Moreover, the host nation of the tournament automatically qualify for the Super 12. The remaining four teams were chosen from a first round league stage.

This first round had eight teams that are chosen based on their rankings. The remaining four stages came from the top two teams from the global qualifiers. Two such global qualifying events were played, each consisting of eight teams. Four of these teams were the lowest ranked teams from the previous edition’s world cup and four based on their performances in regional finals. The regional finals are played as qualifying events in Asia, East Asia, Europe, Africa and America.  The top two teams from each global qualifier then progressed to the first round stage.

Top two winners of the Super 12 stage from each group qualify for the knockout rounds which include the semi-finals and the finals. 

The 2024 T20 World Cup will be contested in West Indies and the United States of America. This means that these two teams automatically qualify for that event. Top 8 teams of the 2022 T20 World Cup and the next two highest ranked teams also qualify for the main event. Eight other teams who will win from the regional finals will also be qualified.

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