What is slot game volatility?

The casino industry tends to develop extremely fast nowadays offering players a lot of slot games, promising lower and higher wins, bonuses and special features. It is essential to choose the suitable slot game, which would award you bigger wins. That is why you need to understand the slot term “volatility”.

What is slot volatility?

Slot volatility measures the risk percentage for players. If you have played online slots, you probably reached the conclusion that some games seem to have a bigger return than others. There are games where you would often win and there are also games where your winnings are minimal, no matter how long you play. This is not pure luck, it is actually predetermined by the game volatility mentioned above.

Expect almost no wins if the volatility factor of a slot game is high. Despite the rare chance of winning, wins are huge. High volatility requires regular investment and in case you can keep up with enough funds, the big win would be just around the corner.

Slots with low volatility are the opposite of what we described. They are quite generous, but the amounts you win so often are relatively lower. This is what players with lower budget prefer, because they can only try their luck and not invest too much time and money. Their jackpots and awards are not too big, but they are still fun to play.

How to check slot game volatility?

It is often hard to figure out which games have high or low volatility. Sometimes online casinos would mark it in the game description, but it is often not the case. So you often have to study the slot machine type yourself. It is advisable to observe it during your gameplay. In case you have frequent, but small wins, then you are dealing with low volatility. Rare, but high wins indicate the slots are high volatility ones. This is how you can assess the game objectively.

There are some slot review websites where you can check the volatility of each game and learn the return percentage to player (RTP). Let us introduce you to this important indicator, too.

What is slot game volatility

What does online slots RTP mean?

RTP is an abbreviation of „Return to player”. The RTP percentage is useful for calculating what part of the total bets is intended for wins. The higher the return percentage is, the more cash they can expect. Naturally, having luck is a factor for hitting the winning slot symbols. There are many casinos that announce their slot game RTP rates.

Combining both the volatility and RTP ratio information would assist you to make a better choice of a game. Just keep in mind that nothing is 100% sure.

Short conclusion

Since you already know about slot machine volatility and RTP rates, go ahead and bet if you are not underaged. First of all, gambling should be fun and not a pure waste of money. Keep it simple and you will get to the big wins.

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