What does BTTS mean in football betting?

BTTS, which stands for “Both Teams to Score”, is mostly used in football. While it seems straightforward on the surface, the BTTS market comes with a few intricacies, providing a unique betting experience. It is a self-explanatory premise. You either bet that both teams will score or that only one will (or neither). In the first case, you will win regardless of which team wins. If they both score and draw, you’ll win also.

If neither team scores or just one does and your bet was ‘no’, you win. The number of goals that have been scored doesn’t matter.

If you bet wisely, the options are limitless and you can win a lot of money. This is a simple, straightforward market, which is all about predicting goals or lack thereof.

With this kind of betting, your bet is valid throughout the match, including last minute. In the event of an early goal, the bet could be won in a matter of minutes. While all bookmakers offer BTTS betting, it’s almost exclusive to football.  

To add value to this type of bet, you can combine it with bets from other markets, such as match result or Over/Under Correct Score. BTTS is unique in that it goes beyond simply choosing a winner or loser. It introduces a whole different approach to betting. For example, you can win Over/Under if just one team scores. It’s different with BTTS.

Statistics to the rescue

Another advantage of BTTS betting is the sheer volume of statistics available to support you in making a decision. These include clean sheets, goals scored, line-ups, current form, head-to-head records, and much more. Make sure you do sufficient research before placing a BTTS bet.

There are a few variants of a BTTS bet, such as BTTS in both halves, BTTS and win, and BTTS and Over/Under. The simplest and original version of the bet is where you choose whether both teams will score or not by clicking on ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. When making a single bet of this type, the odds vary by the least.

BTTS in both halves

In some cases, the odds offered on BTTS betting are not very attractive and bettors look for more rewarding options. The odds are usually good when you select ‘Yes’ and predict both teams will score in the first and second half. The potential payout of selecting ‘No’ after a high-scoring first-half can be splendid too.

BTTS and win

This is where you select the final result as well as whether both teams will score in the match or not. You have six choices here: Yes and Draw, No and Home Win, Yes and Home Win, Yes and Away Win, No and Away Win, and No and Draw. The odds are quite appealing, but the outcomes are obviously harder to predict.

Both teams to score

BTTS and over/under

This combination requires the bettor to predict the number of goals scored and whether both teams are on the scoresheet.

Extra-time goals don’t count

BTTS bets apply only to 90 minutes plus injury time. Goals scored in extra time won’t count in your favor, so be careful about wagering in knockout competitions like the FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, or Carabao Cup.

Suspense until the end

BTTS betting is one of the best ways to get creative. These bets make sure nothing is over until the referee blows the final whistle, unlike the more conventional outright and correct score bets. Let’s say one team is leading the other 4-0 at half-time. In this case, an outright bet is all but over. However, a BTTS bet will keep your adrenaline up right up until the end because the second team might just score. Alternatively, you can win very quickly if both teams score at the beginning.

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