Transfer funds from Revolut to a bank

With Revolut, you can make a transfer to a bank. The payment system supports over 30 currencies. To perform this action, tap “Payments”, then “Transfers”. Select “Send”, then “+New” and “Add Recipient Bank”. The system will ask you to add bank transfer details – individual or company.

Once the beneficiary is added, tap on them, select the currency you want to send the amount in, and enter an amount. Under the currency, you can choose which balance to send from. There is also an option to add a link if you want. Once the amount and currency have been added, tap Continue to review your transfer details and estimated arrival time.

Be sure to review the account details and tap Send only then . Otherwise, your transfer may not be successful and the funds will be returned to your account. Once the transfer is sent, it can no longer be undone. Always update the recipient’s account details.

After you finish the transfer, you can download a confirmation of completed transfer. You will receive a file in .pdf format. It contains all the translation details and a unique external reference link.

Bank transfer to Revolut
Below the search bar, you can quickly find pre-entered bank accounts in “Transfers”. Then select “Bank Accounts” next to “Friends”. When you find it, swipe left and select Data, then Edit.

Note that most types of transfers processed by Revolut to a bank cannot be reversed. An attempt to cancel your transfer is possible by contacting the intermediary banks. However, a successful outcome cannot be guaranteed, nor can the exact time that such a procedure will take be predicted.

There are various reasons someone might cancel a transfer. Here are examples of some of the most common ones:

The recipient’s account has been closed
In case the recipient’s account is closed or does not exist, the funds should automatically /within five business days/ be returned to your account.

The recipient’s account information is incorrect
If the recipient’s account details do not match, the funds /within 5 business days/ should automatically be returned to your account. If the specified account details turn actually belong to someone else, recovery of the funds can take longer. In this case, you need to talk to the bank to speed up the process.

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