What is a singles stick in the sport of tennis?

Professional tennis tournaments feature both singles and doubles events. A tournament can schedule both singles and doubles matches on the same court for timely completion of the event or for accomodating matches compared to the total courts available.

The height of the net in singles and doubles matches is different. All tournament features the doubles court wherein singles matches are also played. The net posts in a doubles court are placed outside the alley. The height of the net at this point is 3.5 feet less than what it should be for a singles match. In order to increase the height of this net for a singles match, an accessory is used.

The singles sticks are nothing but net posts for a singles match. They are placed between the alley’s width, or 3 feet away on either side of the singles court side lines. The two sticks support and raise the net to match the official height of the net for a singles match as per the rule books.

During the match, if the ball strikes the singles stick and leads to its detachment of the net, then the point is replayed. When a player makes a serve, and the ball strikes the singles stick, and later lands on the right box on the opponent’s side of the court, then it is considered a fault. However, during a rally, if the same situation takes place without the singles stick falling off, then the ball is officially considered in play.

Singles stick thus pose as an equipment for the tournament organizers to host a mix of singles and doubles matches on the same court.

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