What is the Copa Colsanitas in tennis?

The Copa Colsanitas is a professional clay court tennis tournament held in Bogota, Colombia. It features on the women’s professional tennis circuit as a WTA 250 event. It was first held in 1998 and is played in outdoor conditions ever since.

The tournament hosts a singles event and a doubles event. The draw size for the singles event is 32, featuring spots for qualifiers and wildcard entrants. In contrast, the doubles event features 16 teams. No more than two wildcard spots are given in the doubles tournament. A single elimination knockout format is followed for both the singles and doubles events.

Each match in the tournament is played in the best-of-three sets format. A deciding set in singles is played out in the conventional manner, where a set score of 6-6 leads to a tiebreak. In the tiebreak, the first to seven points with a difference of two is the winner. In doubles, a deciding set is only a tiebreak. The duo who reaches ten points with a margin of two or more points wins the match.

The winner of Copa Colsanitas receives 250 ranking points and the runner-up gets 163 points. The tournament has a prize pool of $267,082 as of 2024. The most successful singles player in the tournament is Fabiola Zuluaga, who won four titles between 1999 to 2004. In doubles, Paola Suarez has won the title four times. Notably, she has won this with four different partners.

Colombian players have been highly successful in their home event, having won seven singles titles. Spain and Argentina have dominated in the doubles event, having won eight titles each.

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