How to roll over a casino bonus in the easiest way?

Online casinos offer new players initial bonuses. They get them when they sign up with the casino and make a deposit. Most often, the bonus is a percentage of the amount deposited. Please note that these offers have their own rules and you cannot withdraw your money if you don’t follow them. Since many novice players do not know how to play the starting casino bonus, we have prepared this guide to make it easier.

What does rolling over a casino bonus mean?

Also known as casino bonus play, rolling over a bonus unlocks the received bonus so it can be withdrawn together with any other money you’ve won. Usually, they ask you to bet several times the total value of the bonus and the deposit to fulfill the rollover requirement.

Both the winners and the losers take part in the process of rolling over the casino bonus. You can follow it directly from your account or ask the support team for help. This way, you will learn when you rolled over and received the right to withdraw your winnings without any obstacles.

It is important to read the terms of the initial casino bonuses. They list the games you need to play to roll over the bonus. It is important to note that not all available games in the online casino are classified as rollover / play conditions.

For example, the requirement to unlock the bonus may involve betting on certain slots, card games or table games. If free spins are provided as part of the offer, a payout rule may also apply.

Easy way to roll over a casino bonus

Many players nowadays strive to roll over the bonus as quickly as possible. For this purpose, they make high wagers on slots or other casino games. It’s not a good idea because you will quickly run out of cash and be unable to roll over the bonus. Consistent and small bets will help you unlock the bonus and withdraw it from your gaming account balance.

Most online casinos allow you to roll over the bonus amount within 30 days. This is enough time to develop your bets and meet the requirement. Last but not least, keep in mind the offer will be canceled if you don’t meet the deadline.

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