What is the Professional Pickleball Association?

The Professional Pickleball Association is a domestic tour for Pickleball players mainly belonging from the USA. It was created by Connor Pardoe and is headquartered in Draper, Utah.

Players who sign up with the PPA are supposed to sign a three-year exclusivity contract. This makes them ineligible to play non-PPA events. The 2023 PPA Tour is expected to have a total prize money of approximately $2.5 million. Compared to its rival organization (Association of Professional Pickleball), PPA has a much more extensive broadcast coverage. Matches of tournaments included in the PPA are aired on ESPN, ABC, Fox, CBS, Prime Video, Tennis Channel, YouTube and Fanduel. The title sponsors of the PPA Tour is Carvana.

The PPA is also has player leaderboard and rankings. Players can see their rankings based on their performances in the last 52 weeks. 80% of their best performance in the past season contributes towards their ranking. The four main divisions of tournaments on which the PPA points are distributed are Majors, World Pickleball Championships (WPC), PPA Tour and Futures. The winner of the Majors gets 2000 points, 1500 for WPC, 1000 for PPA Tour and 150 for Futures Tournaments.

Ever since the PPA started in 2020, it has fundamentally risen the status of Pickleball globally. As of 2023, World No.1 players Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters are exclusively active on the PPA Tour. The massive viewership of 1.25 million amassed in 2023 is testament to the role of PPA in the exponential growth of the game.

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