What is scoop shot in the sport of pickleball?

Pickleball is a paddle sport with a gradually increasing reach across the globe. The basic criteria for the sport is like any other racquet sport where the ball needs to be hit to the other side of the net within bounds till one of the player fails to make a legal shot. One of the most basic and routinely played shots is the scoop shot.

The scoop shot or shovel shot is one of the first shots that a novice player picks up. The paddle head is angulated upwards with the aim of hitting a safe percentage shot which is simply meant to cross the net within bounds. Over a period of time the net clearance of the scoop shot reduces.

As the player begins to improve their agility on court, they start utilizing the scoop shot much more effectively to return the dink shot. This allows them to keep the ball in play and extend the rallies. Since the scoop shot quite literally digs the ball from a lower level, it is also called a shovel shot.

A scoop shot is a regular shot which simply maintains the ball in play. It has to be played with caution as any lapse in the power applied can result in an effective shot. When the power is less than the optimal amount, then the ball can land in the net. A ball it with overzealous power can either land out of bounds or give immense timing to the opponent to return with an offensive finish.

A scoop shot thus outlines the basic shot making in pickleball which gradually improves with the player’s skill level.

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