What is the quinn scenario in pickleball?

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports globally. A review of the past decade shows how the sport has grown leaps and bounds as a professional sport. In terms of gameplay and style, the sport has developed innovative techniques and names for the various aspects of the sport.

One such rare term is Quinn. A common Irish surname, this word does not refer to any Pickleball player. It is rather used as a verb form. A Pickleball player is quinned if they have lost multiple matches at the same venue or tournament without scoring a point (e.g. 0-11). There is no definite etymology as to how this term came into existence. There exists no list which mentions a professional Pickleball player getting quinned.

The derivation of quinn in Pickleball can be postulated based on the world’s use in the United States of America. In Kentucky, Michigan and South Dakota, there are counties wherein certain communities are not received. In other words, they are unincorporated. These have been particularly mentioned in Wiktionary.
This can be linked to a Pickleball player not being received or being unincorporated in a particular tournament or venue as they lose multiple consecutive matches without scoring a point.

The mention of quinn in the glossary of Pickleball can be found on Pickleball.Pro. However, this glossary too does not detail anything more about the list of Pickleball players getting quinned. In fact, as of June 2023, no news article or book has reported the usage of quinn except being a part of Pickleball glossary.

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