What is the pickleball outfit?

Pickleball is a sport that is played both outdoors and indoors. It is a sport that involves high amount of shuffling movements and demands spontaneity in the professional tiers of the game. In order to keep up with the standards of the gameplay, it is important for the players to ensure that the outfit they wear does not restrict their movement, while simultaneously ensuring that the clothing style is appropriate.

According to the United States of America Pickleball Association, the apparel rules for pickleball players is described under the ‘Safety and Distraction’ section. While the rules aren’t as stringent compared to other sports, the USA Pickleball does outline what the player is expected to wear.

A player’s apparel must not match or resemble that of the ball’s color. A camouflage of such instance if noted by the umpire might result in the player being forced to change his or her apparel in accordance with the referee’s timeout rules. Graphic tees are allowed, provided that the symbolic representation or the text on the apparel is in good taste. Players are supposed to wear non-marking shoes that do not damage the court surface. The rules further state that flip flops and playing with bare feet is prohibited.

The USA Pickleball Association explains that a mandate on Pickleball apparel might not be justified as it varies across different regions of the country and the world. Hence, local laws for a specific tournament must be crystal clear on the outfit rules for that particular region.

If the outfit of a player is not appropriate, the umpire or referee can impose a violation on the player. However, it won’t result in any point penalty. The player will be given a time period (uncharged) within which they need to change their apparel. Should a player disagree with the outfit violation, the referee has the authority to rule the match against the player.

Clothing rules in Pickleball are thus largely eased, with the players expected to wear “appropriate” apparel.

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