Why is Pickleball Global important for players?

Pickleball Global is a networking platform for pickleball coaches and players. The Pickleball Global website monitors rankings, gives updates on the latest tournaments and also allows players to connect with fellow Pickleball enthusiasts through their forum.

Pickleball Global is known for helping Pickleball organisations to register their club, league, state or national level tournaments. The networking platform also allows the registration of seasons which last up to 2 months. Players can also create their own account and compare their position with players who are a part of the same skill rating. Players of the same skill rating fall under a ladder league.

Rankings given to players are through Pickleball Global’s MVP (Most Valuable Player) ranking system. The rankings are divided as adult rankings and junior rankings. Adult rankings are further based on the following age groups: 19+, 35+, 50+, 60+, 70+, 75+ and 80+. Players are ranked in men’s singles and doubles, women’s singles and doubles and mixed doubles categories. Players who are ranked higher also receive a Pickleball paddle from Pickleball Global.

Pickleball Global also keeps a track of registered teams that are managed by coaches or local co-ordinators of various leagues. While teams comprise of players who know each other, another feature of Pickleball Global is to showcase various Pickleball groups across the globe. The groups feature helps a Pickleball player in knowing about the activities of Pickleball players of a particular region. Pickleball players can also indulge in a discussion on the website’s forum.

Pickleball Global is a great platform for pickleball players that helps them keep updated about Pickleball events and trace their progression.

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