Netbet minimum deposit

Netbet accepts deposits from various online payment providers, the minimum being $10 for most payment methods. If you opt for a bank transfer or wire transfer, no minimum applies. Most methods let you deposit up to $5,000 per transaction, but there’s no official maximum.

Your region determines the availability of payment methods. Some countries do not allow some popular methods or these are unavailable in them. In the UK, credit cards aren’t allowed.

Most deposit methods don’t come with any fees. Some charge a percentage of your deposit, usually under 3%. When you carry out a transaction, you’ll get the info from Netbet about any possible charges.

The section “My Account” will list the methods that are available in your area. Simply choose what works for you.

Netbet accept a number of credit and debit cards, including Diners Club, Visa and MasterCard. You can also use a virtual credit card from a third-party provider. Again, the minimum for transactions by card is $10. There is a maximum of $2,500 per transaction. Deposits via credit and debit cards are instant. You can always make more than one transaction if you need to deposit more than the maximum allowed amount.

Netbet does not charge deposit fees, but your credit card company will charge about 2.5% of the transacted amount unless you’re in the UK, where Netbet doesn’t allow payments by credit card.

You can also make a deposit via PayPal. Netbet doesn’t accept PayPal for some offers though, like the welcome bonus.  

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