What is the format of Major League Pickleball?

Major League Pickleball (MLP) is a team competition in Pickleball. It was formed in 2021 by Steve Kuhn. The organisation is headquartered  in Dripping Springs, Texas.

Starting from 2023, the MLP will feature 24 teams. The teams will be divided into two groups of 12 teams each. The first group is the MLP Premier, where the top 48 players will be in action. The second group is the MLP Challenger where the next best 48 players face each other. In each group, teams play in a round-robin format. The top teams square-off in a single eliminator final. In case two teams are tied for the same number of points, the tiebreak will be decided by the following factors: Total match wins, Games Net and Percentage of points won.

The MLP features a card system for warning players when a misconduct is recognised by the umpires. Players initially get a verbal warning followed by a blue card and finally an orange card. In cases of extreme offense, the match referees can choose to impose the orange card on the player first-hand. Teams in MLP receive two video challenges which helps in better decision-making. There should be no delay while opting for the video challenge or else it will be upheld.

The first team in the group gets 12 points, the second team gets 11 points and so on. The teams that make to the knockout stages get one additional point for every round. A bye in a knockout stage can result in a win and the team gets a point. However, this progression does not count as a win for the team.
MLP is gradually gaining prominence and has attracted global superstars for investing in the sport. Leading sports personalities and celebrities are now considering to purchase a particular league that participates in these events.

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