What is the ICC Future Tours program?

The ICC Future Tours Programs is a scheduling program of the International Cricket Council (ICC) that governs cricket professionally. The Future Tours Programs was introduced in 2018. It’s objective was to set a schedule for the future events contested by the ICC featuring it’s full time members.

The first program laid out by the Future Tours Program was between 2018 to 2023. Starting in 2024, the ICC decided to roll out a schedule for ten years. The next cycle, is between 2024 to 2031. During this period, the ICC will ensure that each of its full member nations plays the other in a home and away format. If a home and away format is not possible due to political reasons, teams can face each other at a neutral venue.

Currently, the ICC has 12 full-time members. Based on their qualification status, a majority of these members will play two 50-over World Cups, two Champions Trophy events, four T20 World Cups and three World Test Championships.

The ICC has also drawn their plans for women’s cricket, wherein multiple Women’s World Cup (50-overs), Women’s T20 World Cup, Women’s T20 Champions Cup will be contested. These tournaments will also see an increase in the number of participating teams.

In totality, ICC’s latest Futures Tour Program will see a total of 770 matches played by 2027. Teams can officially transit from associate members to full-time members during this period if they meet the criteria set by the ICC. This will increase their chances of qualifying for ICC recognised events in the future.

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