How do I determine how much to bet on a slot machine?

Many players can’t decide how much to bet on a slot machine. They most often play without strategy and hope that luck will be on their side. Of course, this type of behavior is not highly recommended, as you can lose a really large amount of money. We point out a few important factors to help you determine the size of your bet.

Find the rate of return

Each slot game has a return rate, which is called RTP (Return to Player). Very often online casinos and slot machine manufacturers mention this value. The higher it is, the greater the chance that you will get returns on your bet. For example, an RTP of 95.5% will yield relatively frequent payouts in the game. Of course, this should not be a reason to make large wagers as nothing is ever guaranteed in games of chance. It is good to keep this factor in mind when betting.

Highly volatile slots

Slot games with high volatility pay out less frequently, but you win higher amounts at the same time. In this line of thought, you can decide how much to bet on a given game. Most often, the volatility of the game is indicated somewhere, but if you do not have such information, you can resort to trial and error. For this purpose, you do not need to spend real money, just play the demo version of the selected title. If the winnings are rare, but large, that means the slot is highly volatile.

High volatile slots

Slot games with low volatility

With these, you can raise the stakes, as they often pay out winnings, albeit in smaller amounts. Low volatility slots are preferred because winning symbols appear more often on reels. If you raise your bet, you may receive a higher payout. The downside here is that the most valuable symbols appear very rarely and the rewards are low.

Bet wisely and in moderation

There are many people who try to make up for losses on slot games with new bets. This is a bad practice, because there are days when luck is not on your side and whatever you do, you will not win. If you find yourself in an unlucky streak, it is advisable to stop playing. Do not try to cover the losses with more bets as you will keep losing. You should leave the game for another day when luck is on your side.

Final thoughts

If you take all the above factors into account, you will maximize your chances to make the most out of the slot machine. Of course, we urge you to be reasonable to avoid disappointment.

We hope you found this article interesting and that you found the helpful tips you were looking for. We wish you good luck in your favorite games.

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