How to access a suspended Betano account

One of the fastest-growing bookmakers in the gambling industry, Betano, has become popular in Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Cyprus, and most recently in Bulgaria. With that, some players find their accounts suspended and wonder how to access them. The solution depends on the reason for the suspension. You will read more on this topic in this article.

Betano account blocked due to incorrect password

If you enter the wrong password several times when logging in to Betano, your account may be temporarily suspended. If you have forgotten your password, do not try to guess. Use the password recovery function instead. Here’s how to retrieve your login details and log in without any problems:

  • Press the “Login” button in the right half;
  • Click on the blue link “Forgot password”;
  • Enter your email in the “Email” field
  • Enter your date of birth;
  • Click the “Next” button;

You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Follow them and you will be able to enter a new password to log in. From then on, you will not have any problems logging in.

Betano account suspended due to irregularities

If the reason is that you have violated Betano’s policies, you will need to contact support to determine the specific violation. The bookmaker is not in the habit of limiting accounts, but they will if you try to manipulate the system and grossly violate their terms and conditions.

Therefore, we advise all players to read the terms and conditions before starting to gamble. The operator does not allow users to have several accounts all in one name and will not tolerate attempts to steal data, to access the site without authorization, and more. If you have violated any terms, there is a high probability that they will restrict your access to the site and might even delete your account.

This article provided details about accessing a suspended Betano account and some possible reasons why they would restrict gaming accounts. For any other questions related to a suspended Betano account, it’s best to contact their support team. You can contact the company’s employees via live chat, email or phone. They will help you to fix the problem, if possible. In the end, we wish everyone who visits the betting site good luck.

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