Horse Racing Betting

Few people realize that horse racing was one of the first sports to bet on worldwide. In the past, most bookmakers offered players the opportunity to bet on the best horse and jockey and this tradition continues to this day. All well-known sports betting sites offer horse racing bets. What are these bets, what markets are there, and who offers them? We explain in this article.

What types of horse racing exist?

Nowadays, there are 3 types of horse racing that you can bet on. What they have in common is that you can place a bet on the first horse to finish the race, but also on the horse that comes in second or third. To get more detailed information about the types of competitions, we will provide information about each of them, so you can learn what they are and what you can bet on:

Boxed Racing – these are horse races with sprints over short distances. They are very popular in Britain, Ireland and other parts of Europe and the world;
Jump Racing – this type of horse racing includes obstacles. Most often, the races are held over long distances;
Flat Racing – these are probably the most common horse races, taking place on a smooth track, and the winner is the horse that finishes first;
How to bet on horse racing?

Horse racing bets are not complicated. Each horse is given odds to finish in one of the top places, and the races themselves are short, so the bettor will not have to wait long to find out if he has won. There are usually favorites and outsiders. The odds are low for favorites and high for outsiders. However, if the outsider manages to win the race, then you will be able to cover the losses from all unsuccessful bets.

To win a horse racing bet, you need sufficient information about the horses. It is of paramount importance that the horse you bet on has a good weight and is agile and well rested. Also, you must become familiar with the jockey’s experience, because the outcome depends on him and his capabilities to a great extent.

Horse racing betting markets

Keep in mind that you can make bets other than on which horse will win the race. Online bookmakers provide other markets to help you win even more. Below, we look at the various betting options that you will find on most betting sites. However, let’s not waste time, but get right to the markets:

Bet on the winner of the race;
Bet on which three horses will finish first;
Bet on which four horses will finish first;
Bet on a favorite in the race;
Bet on an outsider in the race;

You can see that there are a number of options to take advantage of. The more complex the option you choose, the higher the odds will be. And, if you are good at predicting horse racing, then you can make a lot of money.

Which bookmakers offer horse racing bets?

All licensed bookmakers worldwide offer their customers options to bet on horse racing. Below, we list several online platforms where you can bet on this sport:


Horse racing bets are very exciting and give a great adrenaline rush. However, caution is advised because gambling always entails a risk of losing a lot of money. If you haven’t had any luck in the past few races, it’s best to give up and try your hand in one of the next ones.

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