Halftime and Fulltime betting

Online bookmakers offer a variety of sports betting markets that you can take advantage of. For example, you do not have to make conventional bets – on the winner in a match or draw – but you can try to guess the exact result, below or above a certain number of goals, winning team with an advantage (handicap), and more. This article is about the first half / end result option, which some players prefer.

How to bet on Halftime and Fulltime result?

Players can bet on the first half / end result option, which is referred to as the first half / final result on some betting sites. This is one of the most popular markets for betting on football, as it can come with really high odds. In this case, you should know that this option applies to both football and hockey or other sports, but we will look at its application in football, where you have 9 options.

We start with a short example that will help you understand how this layout works and how you can bet on it. You have two football teams: the blue team and the red team. You can bet that the “blue” will win not only in the first half, but also the whole match. This way you can catch odds over 3.00 and make good money with a small bet. However, you have 8 more betting options, which we suggest you look at below:

Half Time - Full Time bet

The blue team won the first half and the match ended in a draw (H1 / X);
The blue team won in the first half-time, but lost the match (H1 / H2);
The first half ended in a draw, but the blue team won the match (X / H1);
The teams drew in the first half and also in the match (X / X);
They drew in the first half, but the red team won the match (X / H2);
The red team won the first half, but lost the match (H2 / H1);
The reds won the first half and the match (H2 / H2);
The reds lost by halftime, but ended up winning (H1 / H2);

All these options come with different odds, but all of them are high, so if you win, you win a lot. You can also find predictions for this market, which are marked “PH / ER”. There is nothing complicated or difficult about these bets, but you will need to be good at predicting matches to win.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this betting option?

The biggest advantage of this type of betting is the high odds. For example, if you can predict who will win in the first half, but lose the match, your odds can be 16.00 or higher. In this way, a bet of EUR 5 will bring you EUR 80 or more. For one single match, this is pretty good!

The downside is that it is very difficult to predict such outcomes in matches. Usually, the teams that lead convincingly in the first half of the match will rarely turn around and lose, so your chance of catching the highest odds is very low. However, no one knows what your luck holds for you and you can always put it to the test.

Halftime and Fulltime betting Strategy

There is no surefire strategy to make 100% profit, but you can look at the home team and try to assess their chances of an offense in the first half and of scoring. You also have to consider the status of the team: favorite or outsider. If you believe the home team can score one or more goals in the first half, as well as win the match, then you will catch considerable odds that guarantee you a profit.

We recommend that you analyze the chances of the teams very carefully and not throw yourself at a presumed outcome blindly. Of course, you can use statistics to see how the previous matches of those teams went and check the home / away factors. Last but not least, we advise you to listen to predictions by sports experts and authorities with an objective view of the matches, especially if they say how they expect the game to develop.

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