Game of Gladiators slot machine

Game of Gladiators is a game for people who one way or the other dream about fighting in a colloseum. Set in the famous Roman amphitheatre, this slot game combines bloody history and modern technologies in order to create an energizing experience where you can use a total of 5 special features that have to help you on your way to the prizes.

Game Review

These slots have 5 reels and 20 paylines. It can be played on any device and the bets have to vary between 20 Eurocent and 100 Euro per spin. There is a package of features in Game of Gladiators, known as Primus Mystery and the free spins feature, There, a character chosen by us spreads gladiators bringing you more spins and cash.

From a psychological point of view, the slot developers tend to design games, which are pretty colorful. A gladiator game should definitely have series of challenges. The colors in Game of Gladiators  are a bit brighter than usual, with burning flames, a lot of blood and some different animations. This is far from innovative, but the visuals are quite solid.

The symbols on the reels are inside a dark stone amphitheatre tunnel. They include the royals from J to Ace, as well as some stronger symbols, such as the four gladiator ones – Scissor, Provocator, Murmillo and Retiarius. The last one is a fighter having a multiplier of 20x your bet for 5 matching ones on a payline. The Tiger Wild symbol is even stronger. It replaces all regular symbols bringing a multiplier of 25 times your bet for 5 matching symbols per payline.

Slot Characteristics and Bonuses

There are 5 random features during gameplay in order to use the so called Primus Mystery options. Here is what it means:
⦁ Fame – one of the gladiator symbols is chosen at random and you are paid based on the paytable;
⦁ Spear Attack – you will see between 3 and 6 Tiger Wilds that are randomly added to the reels;
⦁ Sword Attack – the first reel is copied 2, 3 or 4 times and then there are matching symbols. In the best case scenario this could lead to 5 reels with matching symbols;
⦁ Net Attack – all matching gladiators are on the reels until another respin round is played;
⦁ Enraged – if this feature is triggered, 2 fully aligned Tiger Wilds are added.

What will make you the happiest during this gameplay is probably the Enter the Arena Battle feature. It is triggered when you see 3 Scatter symbols of Portcillis on reels 1, 3 and 5 during the same spin. Then you will have the chance to pick a champion – Spartacus or Amazonia. The fighter you choose will replace the Scatter during the free spins feature.

All matching premium symbols that appear on the reels are gathered in a group and added over the reels of Battle Meter. The more you get, the bigger the prize.
Also each of the two fighters brings an unique reward in case of a win. If you chose Spartacus as your fighter, he will give you double use. And if you chose Amazonia, you are awarded a multiplier between 20 and 100 times your bet.


If you didn’t manage to understand everything written above, don’t worry. The game is much easier to play than it is in written explanation. Although the regular gameplay offers some interesting features, the rewards are not too big in general. The substantial wins are coming from the free spins feature instead where you can win up to 5000 times your bet.

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