What makes the Electra stumps special?

The stumps, also called as the wickets, are a mandatory component on the cricket field. The batters try to score runs by ensuring that the bowlers do not break through their defense of the stumps. Traditionally, cricket stumps are made of wood with two bails on top that need to be dislodged for a decision to be made.

In the 2010s, notable innovations were made within the cricket stumps. The stumps had an in-built camera and a mic placed in its proximity. The in-built camera gave a new perspective to cricket viewing whereas the stump mic have an insight to the players’ conversations, thereby adding to the drama for broadcasters. They also had ‘zing bails’ that lit up when the balls hit the stumps. Not only the bails but even the stumps started to dazzle width LED lights being placed within them.

2023 saw the introduction of yet another thrilling component to the stumps. These stumps are called the Electra Stumps. Estimated to have a worth of INR 40-45 lakhs, these stumps took two years to be manufactured. The Electra stumps were first introduced at the Women’s Big Bash League and will now be used in the men’s counterpart event.

The uniqueness of these stumps lies in the fact that they have a color code for every significant event that takes place in the match. This helps the spectators in understanding the event that has taken place on a said delivery.

  • When a batter is out, the stumps flash red lights followed by an upward shift of colors that resembles a fire.
  • If the ball is hit for four, the stumps display a color shift of green, purple and pink. If the ball is hit for six, then the multiple colors scroll vertically.
  • A no ball is indicated by an alternate flashing of white and red colors.
  • Between the two overs, the stumps flash purple and blue colors.

The illumination of Electra stumps sparks a new thrill for the viewers and the players alike.

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