Difference between tight slots and streaky slots

Like there are tight slots, there are loose slots. This is different from hot and cold slots. Loose slots are basically generous slots. Their payouts are higher than the average, sometimes much higher. Tight slots are less generous slots, relatively speaking. Their payouts are lower than average, sometimes much more so.

A slot can be tight or loose by a casino’s standards, but not relative to the slots in other casinos. This is where advertising and marketing are key. Las Vegas has tighter slots than Reno if you look at overall payback reporting. However, there is variation from casino to casino and the payback of some Reno slots is lower than that of some Vegas slots.

When someone calls a slot or casino “tight,” they’re referring to the overall payout as they see it. However, even the loosest slot can feel tight if it’s in a cold streak. There’s nothing scientific or factual about these terms.

And with that, we come to the concept of streaky slots: those who have hot and cold streaks. A tight slot in a hot streak can be extremely rewarding to a player.

A streaky slot machine is one that is both hot and cold. Not at the same time, of course. It alternates between being loose and tight, hence the name “streaky” – hot streaks and cold streaks.

To determine where to find loose slots on a casino or market level, we can lean on reporting and other information. However, grasping the relativity of the concepts of “loose” or “tight” will take you far in finding the right slot for you.  

A hot machine is one that’s giving out multiple payouts in a short time frame. A cold one is one that’s not giving out anything over many spins. Winning streaks alternate with losing streaks. You win some, you lose some, and so it goes. Slots can be cold and loose or they can have tight and hot cycles. Finding a loose machine is not as effective as finding a hot one. The fact that it’s generally ‘loose’ doesn’t mean you’ll get lucky right then and there.

Slots use random number generators, which means the outcome of every spin is completely arbitrary. So, losing 10 spins doesn’t mean you’ll hit the jackpot on the 11th. Likewise, a lucky streak can continue for longer than you think. Losing and winning streaks can last any period of time. each spin is entirely random. This is important to know to avoid making mistakes and losing money.

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