Difference between manual spin, stop spin and auto spin in slots

What’s the difference between manual spin, stop spin and auto spin in slots? With so many terms to wade through, it’s no wonder we ask ourselves this question. In this article, I will define each of these terms and write about the benefits and downsides of each type of slot.

Manual spin

A manual spin is where a player can decide on the number of pay lines they wish to play as well as the price they will pay per line. Then, the system calculates the total stake. The player clicks on the spin button for each game played, hence the term ‘manual.’

Some players feel manual spins are more fun because the experience is more personal. These spins let players accelerate the process of the game by counting all of their wins. Some machines take a really long time to count even the smallest number of wins. When you press the spin button on the slot manually, the amount you’ve won is added to your bank. Then, the reels spin again. Auto spins don’t offer this option. Players must wait for the wins to be counted up.

Auto spin

With auto spin, you choose how many spins to play in advance and press the spin button to set the cycle in motion. With auto spin, you can choose a loss limit, which isn’t possible with manual spin. In other words, you decide in advance how much you can afford to lose and set the limit accordingly. This helps keep track of your bankroll and stops people from getting carried away. Another advantage of auto spin is the single win limit, where available. This is where the auto spins stop when you win a certain amount or more than the amount. The player gets the time and a chance to reassess their game and maybe move on to a different game.

Finally, one last and obvious advantage of an auto spin is convenience. You don’t have to keep pressing a button on your phone or keyboard/screen. You set the number of spins that you are comfortable with beforehand, then focus on playing.  

Which is better?

The choice depends on the type of slot we are playing. Games that require players to reach a feature are most suitable for auto play. On the other hand, slots that give you a chance to hit a bonus on any random spin lend themselves better to manual play. If you want to speed the game reels up a little bit, then stop spin is the best. It all depends on what feels most comfortable and what type of slot player you are. It’s best to look at as many free slots as possible if you want to discover the style and approach you are happiest with. Of course, it will help to do research on different games to learn as much about them as possible.

Now, a few more details about stop spin.  

Stop spin

Manual spins sometimes come with a so-called stop spin or quick spin option. This is where you press the spin button manually to get the reels spinning, then press it again soon after that. The game then ends because the reels stop. Players with a lot of experience like this feature because they want to trigger slot bonus rounds as fast as possible.

Stop spin is among the most innovative features developers introduce to keep players interested. Ordinarily, the reels will stop on their own after some time. With “Stop Spin”, you can stop them manually. You do this right after they have started spinning so you can get more spins in over a set period of time.

Stop spins have many advantages, but this is not one of them. On average, online slots have a house edge of about 95%. In the long run, players lose 5% of the money they wager. This is the price they pay for the enjoyment of playing slots. They lose more money by playing more games in a fixed time period.

Many players appreciate free spins and bonus rounds. After all, they are why online slots are so popular. These rounds frequently offer larger payouts than the base. Users want to find out whether these rounds have been triggered, and fast. This is one reason they use stop spin often. Some fail to understand that free spin and bonus rounds are not triggered very often and, when they are, they are triggered by an arbitrary combination. That means a round won’t necessarily be triggered if you play more. In fact, this can have the opposite effect – more spins can mean losing all your money without even getting to free spins or a bonus round.

Ultimately, Stop Spin leads to less rather than more enjoyment from the game. Online slots are exciting because the spinning reels create suspense. Losing this suspense means losing the very point of playing online slots. In many slot games, the reels stop in consecutive order: the first stops first and the last stops last. This prolongs the thrill because the entry to a bonus round or the payout is determined by the symbols on the last reel. The fun is lost when you use the Stop Spin feature.

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