What is the reason behind cricketers wearing a black armband?

In some sports, players are often seen wearing black armband on their arm. This is a tradition that began in ancient Rome, gained widespread acceptance in the Victorian Era, before finding it’s way in the field of military and sports.

Players wear black armband as a sign of mourning someone’s death. This can be the death of a fellow sports athlete or coach, a tragic accident leading to multiple casualties, death of people due to natural disasters, or due to the death of a family member of a fellow athlete. This is often seen in the sport of cricket where the black armband.

In test cricket, players wear the black armbands on all five days when a tragic death occurs. Black armbands are wore throughout the duration of the match in a limited-overs fixture. In rare instances, players wear the black armbands for political reasons. This is a sign of protest against the government or governing bodies. The most notable incident of a black armband protest came in the 2003 World Cup when two Zimbabwean cricketers (Andy Flower and Henry Olonga) decided to wear a black armband to counter the government. Unfortunately, the protest didn’t go as planned, and both players were forced to settle in the United Kingdom.

The black armband is a commemorative mark by the players which is seen in the sports of rugby, American football, tennis, golf, hockey and motorsports. Black armbands and a moment of silence continue to be kind traditions as a sign of mourning and remembrance in sports.

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