What is the Trans-Tasman trophy in cricket?

The Tasman Sea is the water body that lies between Australia and New Zealand. Trans-Tasman is thus a term used to denote the relation between two countries. Both Australia and New Zealand hold the elite status of being cricket’s test playing nations. Thus, a test series between the two nations is played for winning the Trans-Tasman Trophy.

The Trans-Tasman Trophy was named so after the first six test series played between Australia and New Zealand. In retrospect, the results of this trophy are counted from the two nations’ 1985-86 series. As of their latest encounter in the 2023-24 season, Australia have won 26 of the 45 matches played. The Kiwis have won only six tests and 13 matches have ended in a draw. Out of the 18 test series held, Australia won 11 of them whereas New Zealand have won three. Four test series have ended in a draw.

1989-90 season was the only time when the series was held as two separate one-off test matches. Since 2015, the venue of the event has alternated between the two nations.

Australia have held on to the trophy since the 1993 series, winning eleven test series and drawing two series to hold on to the trophy. Allam Border is the most successful batter in the history of this tournament, striking 1356 runs. No player has hit a triple century in the Trans-Tasman Trophy as of 2024. Shane Warne’s tally of 103 wickets is the most by any bowler in the history of the Trans-Tasman Trophy.

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