How to play a hip clip in cricket?

Cricket is a sport which is a battle between the bat and the ball. Batters hit a range of shots against balls of varying lines and lengths delivered by bowlers. The type of shot that the batter chooses to play depends on the field setup, type of bowler (pacer or spinner) and the area where the ball is delivered.

When the bowler bowls in line of the leg stump at a length that is at the height of the batter’s hips, it can often make it difficult for the batter to create any room to hit a free shot. At times the batter may also be confused whether the incoming ball is wide or not. This leads to a hasty final moment decision which can result in the batter getting out.

In order to play such deliveries, a hip clip shot is advocated. The shot involves a simple flick of the wrist by the batter that sends the ball at right angles to the man at square leg. A square leg fielder is the one that is positioned on the leg side of the batter, at nearly right angles.

While executing a hip clip, a batter has to be very precised about the timing of his shot. Any lapse in the timing can result in the ball knocking the edge of the bat which can be caught by the wicket-keeper or any fielder within the 30-yard circle. Additionally, a hip clip has to be played cautiously down the ground if there is a fielder at square leg. Incorrect driving of the ball can give sufficient air time to the ball which can be caught easily by the fielder.

West Indies cricket legend Brian Lara is known for popularizing this shot in world cricket.

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