What is the format of Major League Cricket?

Major League Cricket is a cricket league whose operations are controlled by the American Cricket Enterprises and sanctioned by USA Cricket.

Major League Cricket was founded in 2019. It took four years for USA Cricket to set a cricket event based on the T20 format in USA. However, USA Cricket organized a Minor League Cricket tournament starting in 2021. The league was started as a developmental league to understand how the sport can blossom in USA. It features 26 teams from four regions of the USA. The teams are divided as two conferences – Pacific and Atlantic, each divided into a Western and Central, and Eastern and Southern divisions respectively. The teams from each division compete in a round robin stage. The top two teams from each division progress to the quarterfinals.

In 2023, the first tournament of Major League Cricket was held which comprises of six teams. The six teams represented the following cities: Seattle, Washington DC, Dallas, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Three of the teams were owned by franchises from the Indian Premier League: Mumbai Indians, Knight Riders and Super Kings own the teams of New York, Los Angeles and Texas respectively. Grand Prairie Stadium in Texas and Church Park Street in Morrisville hosted the matches for the 2023 edition of Major Cricket League.

The format of the tournament includes six teams pitting against each other in a round robin format. The top four teams than advance to the play-offs stage. The tournament’s first edition was won by Mumbai Indians New York.

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