What are leg byes in the sport of cricket?

Cricket is a sport where the winner of a match is decided based on the number of runs scored by each team. A batting side’s score is calculated by adding up the number of runs scored by the batter and the number of extra runs conceded by the bowling side.

A batter’s runs are all those runs scored off his or her bat (including the glove as it is considered to be a part of the bat). The extra runs on the other hand are ones that are a combination of illegal deliveries (wide or no ball) and runs scored without the involvement of the bat. The latter include byes and leg byes. This article provides information regarding leg byes.

Leg byes are runs that are scored when the ball hits the batter’s legs or any other part of his or her body except the gloves. However, the manner in which these runs are scored should be unintentional and the batter should have attempted to score the runs with his or her bat. If the batter has an unsuccessful attempt from evading the ball to avoid an injury, then too they can score leg byes.

If the ball deflects from the batter’s legs or body, then the batters can run between the wickets to score runs. The ball may also go on to the boundary after deflection. These runs are counted as extras to the team total. Hence, these runs are not added to the batter’s total.

The umpire signals a leg bye bye raising one knee and tapping the knee with their hand. The Law 23 of the Marylebone Cricket Club’s laws of cricket has a section dedicated to leg byes.

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