Why do batters tap the cricket bat on the pitch?

Cricket is played on a pitch that is made or maintained with sand, soil, or grass. The cork ball hurled at a rate between 100-150 km/hr or spun by the bowlers is to be judged by the batter in order to strike it such that it crosses of reaches the boundary that can be approximately 70 metres away from the pitch.

Oftentimes, in between two deliveries, batters can be seen walking on the pitch and tapping their bats at various areas on the pitch. There are three reasons why batters indulge in such a practice. The most common reason is that batters tend to compress or eliminate any debris on the pitch in certain areas of the pitch where the ball most frequently lands. By doing so, they make the pitch even or flatter which helps them predict the trajectory of the ball after it pitches. This is often needed in dusty pitches where the amount of sand is high and spinners might benefit from it.

Another reason for batters tapping the bat on the pitch is to relieve pressure, release anxiety or simply do it out of habit. Though an uncommon thing to do, many professional batters have admitted to this being a mode of alleviating any sort of stress.

The third reason is a tactical one. Batters might keep tapping the pitch with the bat to break the momentum of the bowler. By doing so, they buy some time to reset themselves in order to face a bowler who is consistently delivering bowls of unplayable line and length.

Thus, batters tapping the pitch with their bat can be either tactical or psychological.

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