Can I make a deposit to a casino with ApplePay?

ApplePay is a modern digital wallet that enables various types of payments. Users of MAC computers and Apple mobile devices can make these payments. Recently, some online casinos started offering deposits via electronic wallets. This way, all users of devices with a fingerprint running on iOS can deposit and play their favorite casino games. Learn more below.

Which casinos offer Apple Pay deposit?

We took the time to find out so players can fund their gaming accounts using this e-wallet quickly and easily. Here is a list of the casinos offering this method:

How to make a casino deposit with ApplePay?

First, you need to install ApplePay on your device, then add your bank card. You add a card by taking a photo showing its number and uploading it to the system. You should receive a verification email or a call. Then, you can proceed to make a deposit at the casino.

After you choose a casino that offers ApplePay deposits, you need to enter the amount and then choose your bank card. You can use the fingerprint method to confirm the payment. The balance will reflect the funds instantly. Now, you can start playing. If you have any problems, contact the casino support.

How long does it take for an Apple Pay deposit to show up?

The best thing, as mentioned, is that your balance will reflect a casino deposit with Apple Pay instantly. In other words, when you confirm the payment made, you will see the amount deposited in your account and you can start betting on casino games at once. This is exactly why people like using digital wallets as a payment method – they don’t have to wait for the deposit to appear in the account.

Can I withdraw casino winnings with Apple Pay?

At this stage, online casinos do not provide an option to withdraw winnings directly via Apple Pay. You can deposit easily and quickly, but not withdraw. Withdrawal methods include other e-wallets, debit or credit cards, cash payments or cryptocurrency.

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