What is Power Surge in Big Bash League?

The Power Surge rule was introduced in the 2020-21 season of the Big Bash League. Along side the X-Factor and Bash Boost point, this rule was introduced to add more thrill to the T20 format.

The Power Surge rule was a breakdown of the conventional Powerplay rule. Power Surge was a two-over passage of play that the batting side could use at any time after the 11th over. However, the mandatory powerplay of 6 overs was reduced to 4 overs. When the batting side would opt for Power Surge, only two players are allowed outside the inner circle.

The Power Surge was meant to boost the scoring rate of the batting side and was supposed to be a nightmare for bowlers. However, in a startling revelation, it was the bowlers who benefited more from this rule. In the urgency and haste of scoring more runs, the batters succumbed more easily and threw their wickets at an exponential rate. However, the increase in run-rate of the batters was also notable, irrespective of them batting first or second.

Teams who are batting first usually take the Power Surge in overs 15,16 and 17. Teams who are chasing opt for the Power Surge between the 11th and 15th over in order to up their scoring rate and reduce the gap between the runs needed and balls left.

Out of the three new rules introduced in the 2020-21 season, the Power Surge was the most successful one. It is still continued and has been extended to the Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) as well.

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