Betway profile verification

Most of this company’s customers are looking for a way to quickly complete ID verification at Betway, but this operator’s procedure is a little different from that of other online platforms. You will find out how to verify your profile on the website by reading this article.

How is Betway verification done?

Betway’s staff will send you a letter, asking you to undergo verification. You will not be able to attach documents before this happens. Only after you receive the email will you know what documents are required of you. Then, you will be able to upload them directly from your profile on the website.

To do this, you need to click on your username to open the options in the account, and then click on “Confirm documents”. From this section, you will be able to attach the files with copies of the required documents. Don’t worry if you don’t understand something, as Betuy’s support is ready to help.

What documents are needed for verification?

At first, they may ask you for a copy of your ID card. The copy must be in color and both sides must be uploaded. It must also be legible. You can scan your card or take a picture with your mobile phone, but remember that all data must be clearly visible. The same goes for uploading a driver’s license to verify your profile.

The operator may also request a photo of the front side of your bank card. This will make sure that you are the owner. Of course, the CVV code must remain hidden, as the company has no right to ask you to show it. This part of the verification is valid in cases where you want to withdraw your money via VISA debit or credit cards.

Last but not least, the user may be asked for a copy of a utility bill (for electricity, heating or other), where your exact address is displayed. In some situations, a bank statement is required, although this is less common. The email will make it clear what documentation to prepare in order to undergo the verification procedure successfully.

How long does Betway verification take?

The company’s employees strive to work fast, so you won’t have to wait long to be verified. Your documents will be reviewed and confirmed within 48 hours. However, if you are rejected, they will send you an SMS stating the reason. It could be that you provided incorrect information.

Basically, this is all there is to know about the verification procedure at Betway. We hope that our article was comprehensive enough and you understood what to do and how to do it. Have fun with the new online betting platform!

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