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If you enter this as a search query in your search engine, you’ll be directed to their Zendesk live chat immediately. A chat box opens, in which you enter your query. You’ll be connected to a chat representative at once – it literally doesn’t take more than a second.

Unless your issue is urgent, you can contact them via email. Their address is 

Among the most common questions / issues for the support team are:  

  • How do I open an account? 
  • I have forgotten my username or password. 
  • Why was my verification rejected?

Usually, verification is rejected because there’s something wrong with the documentation people provided. You’re advised to contact their 24/7 customer service unless you get an email about the rejection from their verifications team.

As for opening an account, there is a Register HERE button on the bottom of the homepage. It’s accessible on desktop or on mobile. The registration steps are quite simple.

Documents accepted as proof of identification include birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses, and national ID cards. For address verification, you must upload a utility bill, a council tax bill, or a bank statement. Whatever you upload, it must be dated in the last 3 months.

Something else we were surprised to discover was that Betbull has a rating of just 1.9 of 5 on Trustpilot with 74% of users rating them as ‘bad’. One former user wrote:

“My case offers timeframes when I won which weren’t met. It’s when they started this I pointed out that I wanted to close the account on settlement. I then pointed out they held data on my wife as I had been using her card and in live chat they were going to reopen the account so I could remove the card just this once. I told my wife. She contacted requesting this data be removed. They will reply in 48hrs. This is a data breach withholding information I request as a customer with a closed account. They hope you just go away.”  

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