Betano has officially obtained a gambling license in Mexico

Betano, a prominent name in the online betting and gaming industry, has officially obtained a gambling license in Mexico, marking a significant milestone in its expansion strategy. This move comes at a time when Mexico’s gambling landscape is undergoing notable changes, presenting both opportunities and challenges for industry players.

Understanding Mexico’s Gambling Regulatory Framework

The Mexican gambling market operates under a complex regulatory framework, primarily governed by the Federal Gaming and Sweepstakes Act of 1947 and its subsequent amendments. This framework outlines various types of gambling licenses and sets strict conditions for their issuance. Key licenses include those for operating sportsbooks and land-based casinos, which are exclusively available to Mexican commercial companies duly constituted under local laws. These licenses, once obtained, have a minimum duration of one year and a maximum of 25 years, with the possibility of extension​​.

Application Process and Compliance Requirements

The process of obtaining a gambling license in Mexico is rigorous. Applicants must submit a comprehensive set of documents, including financial statements and shareholder information, to the Bureau in Mexico City. All documents must be in Spanish, and any from other jurisdictions need to be apostilled and translated. The Bureau assesses various factors, including the integrity of the applicant’s shareholders and their experience in operating relevant gambling products. The process generally takes around 12 weeks for sportsbooks and land-based casino licenses​​. Betano Mexico has successfully completed this process and it is lauching its online casino and sports betting for Mexican players in January 2024.

Restrictions and Operational Guidelines

Licensees in Mexico must adhere to several restrictions, such as avoiding the operation of unauthorised gambling activities and not providing credit to players. Moreover, gambling establishments cannot be located within 200 meters of educational or religious centers. Advertising restrictions are also in place to promote responsible gambling, including clear messaging about the prohibition of gambling for minors​​.

Taxation and Fiscal Obligations

The Mexican gambling sector is subject to various taxes, including governmental charges ranging from 1% to 2% of income, a 30% income tax on total revenue, and a Special Production and Services Tax at a rate of 30% on the amount of bets obtained from clients in a month. Local taxes may also apply, varying across different Mexican states​​.

Online and Digital Gambling: A Grey Area

The Mexican gambling laws provide a basis for land-based gambling operations but remain less clear on online gambling, especially when offered by foreign operators. The direct activities of cross-licensed online casinos are viewed as illegal. However, Mexican law permits transactions that are not prohibited by local law, creating a somewhat ambiguous situation for online gambling establishments. This lack of specific legal regulations for online gambling necessitates careful navigation by operators like Betano​​.

Betano’s Strategic Approach in Mexico

Betano’s entry into the Mexican market is not just a business expansion but a strategic maneuver in a landscape where the distinction between legal and illegal online gambling is not crystal clear. The company’s approach likely involves partnering with a local land-based casino license holder, as Mexican law allows such joint ventures. This strategy enables Betano to leverage its online gambling expertise while complying with local regulatory requirements​​.

Implications and Future Prospects

Betano’s move into Mexico is indicative of

the growing interest in the Latin American gambling market. The company’s successful acquisition of a gambling license demonstrates its commitment to adhering to the complex regulatory environment in Mexico. This strategic entry positions Betano to capitalize on the evolving online gambling landscape, which, despite its regulatory ambiguities, continues to grow in popularity and significance in Mexican society and economy​​.

The Role of Technology and Responsible Gambling

In embracing the digital transformation of the gambling industry, Betano is likely to leverage advanced technologies to offer a seamless online betting experience. This includes implementing robust internal control systems to ensure the integrity of online betting and to prevent manipulation. Additionally, aligning with Mexico’s emphasis on responsible gambling, Betano is expected to incorporate measures such as age verification systems, responsible gaming information, and warnings related to gambling addiction​​​​.

Navigating the AML Landscape

Betano must also navigate the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) landscape as set by the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin. This includes adhering to KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols and ensuring compliance with cash transaction limits. These obligations underscore the importance of maintaining a transparent and compliant operation in the Mexican gambling market​​.

Expansion into a Thriving Sector

The Mexican gambling market, while complex in its legal structure, presents a lucrative opportunity for Betano. The country’s thriving gambling sector, coupled with a growing interest in online casinos and sports betting, offers a promising landscape for Betano’s growth. By complying with local regulations and embracing the market’s nuances, Betano can establish a strong foothold in Mexico.


Betano’s official entry into the Mexican gambling market signifies a major step in its global expansion strategy. Navigating the intricate regulatory framework, adhering to compliance requirements, and leveraging technology for a responsible gambling experience are key to its success in this vibrant market. As the online gambling landscape continues to evolve in Mexico, Betano’s strategic approach positions it well to capitalize on emerging opportunities while contributing to the sector’s growth and regulation.

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