How do you return a powerful smash in badminton?

Countering the fastest shot of the quickest racquet sport is a herculean task. A smash, played with a hammer grip, can be difficult to return given the velocity of the shuttle. However, it is not impossible to return it. It takes an added effort of anticipation and observation to return a badminton smash.

The first step is to anticipate the direction of the shuttle by considering the racquet head position. The next step is to improve your own stance where the player has to slightly bend his knees and keep them shoulder-width apart. This allow the player to get under the shuttle and move quickly in the direction of the shuttle.
Once in position, there are three ways in which a player can return the smash.

The first is to simply lift the shuttle to the back of the court. However, this technique also gives the opponent to have another go at a smash. The other technique is to drive the shuttle to the body of the opponent. This is difficult to perform and proper grip position is of paramount importance. Finally, the safest option is to block the shot. This results in the shuttle fall near the net on the opponent’s side of the court. Not only will it disturb the balance of the opponent, but it will also give the player a chance to be on the offensive.
Returning a smash is easy to understand in theory but it is a matter of microseconds when on court.

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