What is the patty cake rally in badminton?

Badminton is a wonderful sport of choice for the ones seeking to get into sports. It is a sport that tremendously improves a player’s stamina, agility and spontaneity.

Just like most sports, a rookie player might take time to get acquainted to the badminton court. In their early days of training, they have to spend quality time in simply perfecting the technique which they use to play various shots. In order to do this, players find themselves rallying with fellow novice players.

When amateur or beginners are not oriented with the importance of footwork in badminton, they often find themselves immobilized in one particular area on the court. The two players engage in a rally which simply sees the shuttle go back and forth without any variation. The only way such a rally ends is when one of the players misses or sends the shuttle into the net.

Patty cake or pat-a-cake is a children’s game wherein two children clap their hands together and then clap the other’s hand in conjunction with an ongoing nursery rhyme. Since patty cake involves a sense of monotony, they are compared with the rallies that rookie badminton players are involved in.

Thus, when two newbie shuttlers are involved in a lacklustre rally characterized by a paucity in footwork, it is called a patty cake. These rallies are more common in local clubs and streets. Apart from the lack of footwork, these rallies are also recognised by half-paced drives. Since such shot making appears infantile, patty cake does symbolize the rally.

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