When is a let called out in badminton?

A let is a call in badminton when a rally is halted due to unforeseen or accidental circumstances. A let results in the point being replayed.

An umpire can call a let in multiple scenarios. Here is a list of these situations:

Receiver not ready

When the server serves but the receiver is not ready, then a let is called. If the receiver makes contact with the shuttlecock, then it won’t be considered as a let. So in case the receiver is not ready, then he or she must hold their hand up to indicate they are not ready.

Server and receiver both faulted

This is a rare instance but is certainly possible. The server and returner can commit a fault for different reasons at the same time. If this happens, then the umpire calls a let.

Shuttlecock gets trapped in the net

The shuttlecock can get trapped within the net during a rally. This is called as a let because the returner had a chance to return but could not because of such a situation.

Shuttlecock falls apart

There are instances when a shuttlecock gets withered or tears apart when a shuttler plays a shot powerfully. When such an instance occurs, it results in a let.


Any disturbance on the court due to any stray objects, flash photography, noise by spectators during play, electricity failure during the match, results in a let.

Lets are called in badminton to ensure fair play of the point on either side of the net.

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