What are the various lines on the badminton court?

A standard badminton court is rectangular in shape. It is green in colour and the markings on the court are made with either yellow or white colour.

The length of the badminton court is 44 feet. The width of the court is 17 feet in singles and 20 feet in doubles. A center service line divides the court on both sides up till the short service line. This is also called the ‘T’ or the mid-service line. The distance of the short service line from either side of the net is 6.5 feet. Side alleys on either side of the court have a width of 1 feet 6 inches. In singles, this area is out of bounds and in doubles, it is within bounds.

The back of the court on either side has a long service line for singles and doubles. The long service line is also called the baseline. The doubles long service line is shorter than the singles line by 2.5 feet. This means that the length of the singles play from the short service line to the long service line is 15.49 feet and is 13 feet in doubles. However, in terms of width of the service box, the doubles width is 10.1 feet whereas the singles box is of 8.5 feet.

Knowing about the lines of the badminton courts helps in understand how the bounds change for both singles and doubles discipline of the game. Specifications about the net will be covered in a separate article.

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