What is the Badminton Asia Team Championships?

The Badminton Asia Team Championships is a tournament that is held every two years. It is organized by the Badminton Asia Confederation as a team event. The tournament features a men’s competition and a women’s team competition. It was first held in 2016.

Earlier, the tournament was held as Asian Badminton Championships, whose first edition took place in 1962. However, it became an annual event only from 1991. In 1994, it became a full time team event. 

Both the men’s and women’s events feature a round-robin phase followed by a knockout stage. Teams in each event are divided into four groups. Each team in a group plays the other once. A team must have three singles players and two doubles pairs. A group rubber consists of five matches; three singles and two doubles.

Each match is played in the best-of-three sets format. A player who is first to reach 21 points with a difference of two wins a set. The top two teams from each group qualifies for the knockout rounds that consists of quarterfinals, semi-finals and final.

Taking into consideration the Asian Badminton Championships and the Badminton Asia Championships, China has been the most successful side, winning a total of 258 medals as of 2024, with 79 being gold. The next best side is Indonesia, with 146 total medals (35 gold medals). South Korea’s Kim Dong-moon has been the most successful player, winning six medals till date. China’s Lin Dan is the most successful player in men’s singles, winning four gold medals. Ye Zhaoying has won a record five gold medals in the women’s singles category.

Since the inception of the Badminton Asia Championships, Indonesia is the most successful side in combined men’s and women’s team event. The nation has won a record four gold medals out of their total tally of seven.

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