What is the act of carrying in badminton?

The sport of badminton features many instances in which a player can commit a fault. While the most common faults are hitting the shuttle out of bounds or into the net. However, subtle game play styles and techniques when observed by the umpire also result in faults. One such technique is called carrying the shuttle.

Carrying refers to the moment when instead of hitting the shuttle with the racquet, the shuttle holds on to the racquet for a little less than couple of seconds before the player slings it back to the other side of the court.

Carrying is also know by the terms double touch, sling or throw. The chair umpire is responsible for deciding when the shuttle was carried or not. Should the umpire rule a carry, then the player committing the fault loses the point.

Players are allowed two challenges or reviews that they can take in order to appeal a line call. However, there is no provision wherein they can challenge a carry call made by the umpire. They can express their dissatisfaction to the decision, provided they ensure their conduct is sportsmanlike.

Carrying is an illegal tactic and often happens because of the pace of the rally. It can happen even if the player does not intend to do it. Players can avoid making a carry fault by simply ensuring that their shots are in one motion. Thus, the only solution to carrying is to ensure that a clear contact is made between the shuttle and the racquet string bed.

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